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Join Jon Mitovich in raising money to help end child homelessness in Albuquerque and the surrounding areas!

Click the link, call our office, send us an email to make a pledge per 100 ft. climbed! As a reference, the pledge totals for the entire climb of 19,341 ft. are as follows:
1 penny per 100 ft = $193.41
¾ of a cent per 100 ft = $145.06
½ of a cent per 100 ft = $96.70
¼ of a cent per 100 ft = $48.35


A letter from Jon:

Dear Friends and Family,


As you may know I am traveling to Tanzania, Africa on August 17th to join a small group climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro (Uhuru Peak). My goal is to reach the summit on August 24 (my birthday) in time to watch the sun rise on a new day.

Mt. Kilimanjaro, at 19,341 ft. above sea level is the highest mountain in Africa (often referred to as ‘The Roof of Africa’). “Kili” also holds the distinction of being the highest ‘stand alone’ mountain (non-massif) on earth.

Our group will be ascending via the Lemosho route, approaching from the west. Although it is the longest (42 miles) and most difficult route, it gives us a few extra days to acclimatize to the altitude (probably the most critical factor for summit success).

While not a ‘technical’ climb it is nonetheless an extremely demanding physical and mental ‘exercise’ requiring a robust training regimen. Strength and aerobic training does not guarantee summit success however, as “Kili” has bested marathoners, triathletes and weekend warriors alike. As always a certain amount of ‘climbers luck’ is involved.


In a nutshell, I want to make this a fund raising project for Family Promise of Albuquerque. I am inviting you to pledge (up to) one dollar per 100 feet of elevation on my climb. It can be a quarter, 50 cents, etc. up to one dollar!. For example, when I reach the summit, your contribution will be $193.41 based on a pledge of one dollar per 100 feet. Not only will this provide me with added incentive, motivation and ‘focus’, but together we can perhaps make a positive difference on the way up.

So, if you would like to join me on this journey, please respond with a simple “yes” and an amount (up to a dollar per 100 feet) you would like to pledge. I will add your name to my climbers journal and together we will climb to the summit. When I return I will share my journey with you and ask you to send in your pledge which I in turn will forward on to Family Promise your behalf.

Until then, “the mountains are calling and I must go”.

Jon Mitovich (AKA Mountain Goat!)