Christmas is almost here, and we have some very special plans at Family Promise of Albuquerque!

What we do:

Every year we help about 20 families who were homeless and receiving services from FPA over the last 2 years by matching them with groups around Albuquerque who make Christmas happen. When these families are just getting back on their feet, we try to take the pressure off of this expensive holiday. We get the family’s “Santa list” including their wishes for Christmas gifts, clothing sizes, and general interests. Then we match the families up with a group or individual to “adopt” them for Christmas. This year has been more difficult than ever to get these families adopted, and we still need help for 4 more families! If you can adopt a family or even 1 family member, please call today! This is also a great way for an office or church group to get in the giving spirit, so ask around. You never know who might be willing to help.

How you can help:

Call and get matched with a family: Right now, we have 4 families that still need to be adopted. If you, a group of friends, your office, or your family is able to adopt a family, all you have to do is give us a call, and we can match you with a family OR click here to sign up online and we will email you the list.

Don’t want a full family? We can match you with a single person from one of the families, or you can donate stocking stuffers. Check out this great list:

Don’t have time to shop? You can also donate a gift card or make a cash donation and the staff at Family Promise can handle to rest.

Help with wrapping! You can also donate wrapping supplies including wrapping paper, gift bags and boxes, gift tags, ribbon, tape, scissors, and anything else that would help, or call or come by to see if there are any gift to wrap at the day center!


We hope everyone has a safe and happy holiday season, and we thank you for your support!